2018 Real Estate Trends

computer, glasses, and graphProjected real estate trends often influence important buying and selling decisions. When it comes to 2018 real estate trends, what can we expect to see? Read on.

1. Supply and Demand Will Equalize
According to Realtor.com, we’ll finally see buyer demand catch up with available housing stock. Great news for buyers!

2. Crowdfunding Meets Real Estate
With Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns being utilized more and more frequently, it’s no surprise that this funding trend has reached the real estate market. 2018 brings the advent of real estate-based fractional ownership and crowdfunding. Expect to see increased mention of these platforms around the internet this year.

3. Millennials, Debt, and Homeownership
We’ve discussed millennials in real estate before, but in 2018 millennial buying needs will dictate changes in the market. Realtor.com predicts that millennial buyers could make up 43% of the mortgage market by the end of the year. You can also expect to hear more about small-scale living in 2018 and beyond.

4. Rate Increase
With mortgage rates standing steady at 4%, TheStreet expects mortgage rates to go up sometime in 2018–somewhere between a quarter and half a percent. If you want the lowest possible rate, now is the time to start looking.