9 Home Appraisal Tips for Success

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Countless factors are considered when appraising a home. Since you can’t control surrounding influences, such as the condition of a neighbor’s home, it’s important to do all you can to showcase your property’s best features.

Make your home looking fabulous on appraisal day

1. Do your research
Research appraisers before hiring, and be sure the person you choose has extensive knowledge of your area. Discuss your home with them in advance and let them know the home’s age, how you have cared for it over the years, and be sure to mention any remodeling or upgrades you have done. Additionally, ask your real estate agent to attend a walk-through with your appraiser.

2. First impressions count
If the exterior of your home is not clean, kept, and inviting, your appraiser is likely to automatically deduct thousands of dollars from your property value. Make sure the yard is tidy and the walls are clean. Looking for curb appeal tips? We have ideas to help you get started.

3. Emphasize your home’s best features
Is there something you really love about your home? Show it off for your appraiser and for potential buyers, too.

4. Spring clean
No one likes to see clutter, and looking at an unorganized house is unappealing for both the appraiser and the buyer. In fact, it can result in a 10% drop in your home’s value. Appearance matters!

5. Invest in updates
Even simple additions, such as new hardware for your kitchen and bathrooms, can make a big difference. Updates add value, so go through your home and fix any broken hinges and replace worn door knobs too.

6. File it away
Make things easier for everyone by creating a file with tax documents, recent home updates, permits, receipts, and before/after photos related to your home and property improvement. This enables you to prove your updates and cost to the appraiser.

7. Mention neighborhood improvements
When meeting with your appraiser, tell them about any positive changes to the neighborhood. Is there a new playground or grocery store nearby? These things add value to your home!

8. Know your stuff
Familiarize yourself with the value of similar homes in your area. This way, you’ll know immediately if your appraisal is in the right ballpark. Discuss any discrepancies with your appraiser in real-time–if you wait until the appeal process it is unlikely you will receive any changes.

9. Give them space
You’ll want to be engaged with your appraiser, but don’t follow him or her too closely. Not allowing personal space sends a red flag that something is wrong with your property.


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