Top Home Renovations

In our last post, we shared an infographic chronicling the top five home renovations to avoid when you are preparing to sell your home. Which begs the question: “now that I know what to avoid, what home renovations should I spend my money and attention on?” To get the highest return on investment, your pre-move repairs should focus on both the appearance of your home and its underlying structure. These days, high ticket updates don’t…

Who is Buying Homes in 2018?

Home buyer demographics change over time, along with neighborhood trends. Are you curious who is buying homes in 2018? Some groups are more actively involved in real estate than others, to be sure. We have the latest details on US home purchase trends: It’s no surprise that 65% of US home buyers in 2017 were married couples, while only 8% were un-wedded couples. And the typical buyer may be a bit older than you expected…

8 Tips for Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing your home can be a pretty tricky and very involved process, especially if you have never done it before. After you’ve gone through the steps to decide whether you should refinance, the tips below will help you through the rest of the process: 1. Specify your reason for refinancing. Different mortgage rates and types are available based on whether you are looking for lower monthly payments, a lower interest rate, or fixed monthly payments….

Outdated Home Features

So many of today’s real estate gems are older homes. We’ve all seen a few swoon-worthy mid-century homes for sale, haven’t we? Unfortunately, not every feature of a vintage home is one that buyers want. So, which outdated home features do you need to fix? This helpful infographic has all the details: Do you still have popcorn ceilings? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. And linoleum floors? They are a thing of the past….

10 Essential Home Search Tips

Beginning a home search can be a daunting task. And during real estate high-season, there is typically a lot of inventory to choose from, therefore making your decision even more difficult. The tips listed below will help you prepare for your home search and stay focused when decision-making gets tough. There are already so many important choices to make when purchasing a home; make it as easy on yourself as possible!  Ten Essential Home-Buying Considerations:…