Eco-Friendly Living is Top Priority

When you are considering a move, what is your top priority in a home? Is it the size, whether or not the home has a pool, the home’s location, or the type of dwelling?

Eco-Friendly Living: Terminology

Recent research indicates that eco-friendly living is top priority for today’s home buyers. Despite this common interest, wording matters. Did you know that the term “water-saving” is more palatable to home buyers than “low-flow”? The same goes for “eco-friendly” and “environmentally friendly.” Buyers prefer these terms over “green” and “green-conscious.”


When it comes to real estate terminology, the energy efficiency-related terms above are just the tip of the iceberg. Terms like “contingency,” “earnest money,” and “title” are just a few of the key real estate terms you’ll see when buying a home. Realty Times offers a comprehensive list of real estate terms and definitions for a first-time homebuyer crash course.

What real estate terms do you often encounter?

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