Eco-Friendly Living by the Numbers

Eco-friendly living is a hot topic for renters, home owners, and businesses alike. And we all love saving money on water and energy bills! But what about eco-friendly living by the numbers?

While 83% of millennials believe green living is important, only 65% of the Greatest Generation agree. In fact, the numbers decrease with each generation: 73% for Gen X and 71% for Baby Boomers.

We see the same correlation between urban and suburban/rural areas. 83% of urbanites prefer an eco-friendly lifestyle, compared to 72% in the suburbs and 71% in rural areas. This makes sense since urban areas generally have lower carbon footprints than suburban and rural areas. Urban dwellers often live in apartment buildings and bike or take public transit, while suburban and rural families usually live in single-family homes and drive daily.


Eco-Friendly by the Numbers Infographic

Does eco-friendly living interest you but you aren’t sure where to start? Check out our seven-step green living guide! Info on light bulb replacements, energy-efficient appliances, composting, house plants and more! Getting started is easy, and high energy and water bills are all you have to lose.

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