Square Footage or Backyard? Outdoor Living Infographic

When you’re spending time at home and the weather is nice, who doesn’t want to go outside? On front porches and in backyards alike, there is a decadent simplicity to lounging around outside your house instead of inside. This outdoor living infographic shares the latest on homebuyer backyard preferences.

outdoor living infographic

Who says backyards are a man’s domain? We knew all along that everyone loves spending time outside. Sixty-two percent of women prefer a smaller home and a larger yard, while 52% of men feel the same way.

When it comes to top outdoor living features, some of today’s options are downright luxurious. From beautifully-appointed outdoor living rooms, to retractable glass walls which open onto the backyard, staying home can feel like entering another relaxing dimension.

What do you love most about your backyard?