The Emotional Roller Coaster of Home Buying

Throughout your lifetime, you will make some pretty big purchases and commitments. There may be weddings, car purchases, or college/grad-school tuition; however, not much compares to buying a home. While this will be an exciting time, there are also many other emotions that come up during the home buying process. Working with a Village Associate Real Estate agent who can guide you through the roller-coaster of emotions will certainly make the whole process smoother. Below are a few of the emotions you can anticipate during the home buying process.


You’ve decided to buy a home, are pre-qualified, and have a Village Associate Real Estate agent to work with. You go to open houses, explore neighborhoods, and eagerly wait for new listings to appear.


Unfortunately, schools don’t teach you how to buy a home and what to expect. Where do you start? How much money do you need to put down? What are closing costs? This is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make and unless you’re a realtor or have purchased a home before, the process can be a bit daunting. Have questions? Write them down and make sure to ask your realtor.

Enthusiasm and Anxiety

You found your “dream home”, but what if the owners don’t accept your offer? What if there are issues with the home? So many “what if’s” – most of them out of your control. Keep an open communication with your realtor – remember that she/he is here to guide you through the process. If possible, do your best to keep from forming an emotional attachment to the home until after your offer is accepted.


Perhaps it’s seeing that your money can’t buy quite the home you were looking for in a specific location. Or, you’ve made an offer (or a few) and been outbid. Unfortunately, many prospective home-buyers face this discouragement at some point.


Your realtor just called to tell you that your offer has been accepted. You are overcome with euphoria and can’t help but begin imagining your life in this new home.

Confusion, Anxiety, Excitement

A mix of emotions, especially during escrow, is common. One minute you may be excited about your new soon-to-be home, and the next minute you can’t stop worrying about the “what if’s”. Remember, don’t be shy to ask your realtor questions!