Tips for Staging Your Outdoor Living Space


Lamorinda is among the most desirable areas in the nation, which makes selling a home in this area a breeze. However, getting an offer at or above asking depends on that first impression. Most sellers wouldn’t dream of trying to sell an unstaged home, but sometimes overlook staging the yard. That’s a shame because outdoor staging can increase curb appeal, reduce time spent on the market, and increase the asking price. Here are a few tips for staging your outdoor living space.

Exterior Touch-Up

It’s the little things that either win prospective buyers over or put them off. Taking the time to replace torn screens and touch up exterior paint can help make your home look well-cared for. Cleaning windows inside and out, power washing hardscapes, and making sure your garage doors are spotless will all go a long way towards wowing house hunters. Want to add even more value? Paint your front door black. That can increase the asking price by as much as $6,000.

Stay on Top of Landscaping

A beautiful, well-maintained landscape adds value to your home and is catnip to buyers. On the flipside, a lawn filled with weeds and dead grass may prevent buyers from even taking a peek inside. The minute you know your home is going on the market, schedule regular maintenance and clean up. Proper mowing techniques will keep your turf looking its best. Remove any dead or dying plants and plant some eye-catching ornamentals in your flower beds. Nicely trimmed bushes and shrubs will add that finishing touch.

Inspire the Imagination

Thoughtful human touches in staging can help buyers imagine themselves in a property. Details such as a hammock or a stylish table and chairs next to a grill give the buyer a chance to imagine themselves lounging in the yard.

Leave no Trace

While small touches can help a buyer see themselves living in your home, overly personal items have the opposite effect. Remove any clutter – pool toys, worn-out furniture, wind chimes, or other items that a buyer may see as junk. The less personalized the space is, the more a prospective buyer will be able to see themselves in it.

Selling a home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Village Associates Realtors are here to help. What attracted you to a home you bought? Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and go from there.

Our guest contributor, William Dukes, is a freelance writer and home decorator. He spends most of his time landscaping and fixing up and flipping old houses. He and his wife enjoy home DIY projects and recently built a new barn for their ranch.