Who is Buying Homes in 2018?

Home buyer demographics change over time, along with neighborhood trends. Are you curious who is buying homes in 2018? Some groups are more actively involved in real estate than others, to be sure. We have the latest details on US home purchase trends:

It’s no surprise that 65% of US home buyers in 2017 were married couples, while only 8% were un-wedded couples. And the typical buyer may be a bit older than you expected at 45 years old. You may remember from previous posts that 55% of Xers (and Baby Boomers) prefer suburban living and that members of Gen X really love cooking.

Did you know that only 34% of home buyers in 2017 were first-time buyers?

It may come as a surprise that 18% of 2017 home buyers were single women, while only 7% were single men.

Veteran and active-duty citizens were not heavily involved in real estate in 2017: 3% of US home buyers were active duty military service members and 18% were military veterans. If you are a member of the military wanting to buy a home, be sure to check out the services offered by the Military Housing Assistance Fund.

What home buyer trends have you noticed over the last few years?