Winter Gardening Tips

winter gardenThe Bay Area is expecting a cold spell this weekend. As you begin to bundle up, keep your garden in mind too! Use these winter gardening tips to keep your landscaping healthy through the season:

1. Bring moveable ornamental plants inside to protect decorative flowers from cold overnight temperatures.

2. Don’t prune frostbitten plants. Even if it looks as though your plants succumbed to the frost, you may be in for a surprise this spring when you see new growth on dead-looking plants!

3. Cover flower-producing plants with an old sheet or a frost cover. But don’t use plastic! Plants will overheat when the sun shines on them under a plastic covering.

4. Cover glazed pottery and garden sculptures. Freezing temperatures can chip and damage your garden art.

5. Add compost and mulch to your garden and continue your regular watering cycle. According to Mother Nature Network, the mulch will help regulate root temperatures, compost will provide nutrients, and watering will help plants survive freezing nights since they will be able to absorb moisture before the ground freezes.

Other winter gardening resources:

  • The Gardening Tutor offers great tips for pruning and care throughout the cold season.
  • If you grow fruits and vegetables in the warmer months, have a look at for tips on continuing your harvest through the winter.
  • HGTV shares helpful information on caring for your trees.
  • Get general winter gardening tips from Mother Nature Network.

Do you have winter gardening tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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